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10-10-2021 Sun
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2021,10,10,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Andorra) VS (England)
1Cable TV 601
1Cable TV 661
1TDM (Sports)
1Hong Kong Open TV 77
2021,10,10,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Switzerland) VS (Northern Ireland)
1Cable TV 602
1Cable TV 662
2021,10,10,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Luxembourg) VS (Serbia)
1Cable TV 665
1Cable TV 605
2021,10,10,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Hungary) VS (Albania)
1Cable TV 664
1Cable TV 604
2021,10,10,03,15,00Loading...431[Friendly Internationals]INTERF:(Portugal) VS (Qatar)
1Cable TV 603
2021,10,10,06,00,00Loading...251[USA Major League Soccer]USA MLS:(New York Red Bulls) VS (Inter Miami CF)
2HK NOW 638
2021,10,10,08,00,00Loading...251[USA Major League Soccer]USA MLS:(FC Cincinnati) VS (Philadelphia Union)
2HK NOW 638
2021,10,10,09,00,00Loading...251[USA Major League Soccer]USA MLS:(Seattle Sounders) VS (Vancouver Whitecaps FC)
2HK NOW 639
2021,10,10,21,00,00Loading...1921[UEFA NL]UEFA NL:(Italy) VS (Belgium)
1Cable TV 601
1Cable TV 661
1Hong Kong Open TV 77
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