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13-10-2021 Wed
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    2021,10,13,01,00,00Loading...471[FIFA WCQL]FIFA WCQL:(Saudi Arabia) VS (China)
    2021,10,13,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Portugal) VS (Luxembourg)
    1Cable TV 604
    1Cable TV 664
    2021,10,13,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Ukraine) VS (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
    1Cable TV 665
    1Cable TV 605
    2021,10,13,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(England) VS (Hungary)
    1TDM (Sports)
    1Cable TV 601
    1Cable TV 661
    2021,10,13,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Sweden) VS (Greece)
    1Cable TV 603
    2021,10,13,02,45,00Loading...731[World Cup (Preliminaries) Europe]WCPEU:(Albania) VS (Poland)
    1Cable TV 662
    1Cable TV 602
    2021,10,13,15,30,00Loading...1691[CHAFAC]CHAFAC:(Guangzhou FC) VS (Qingdao Youth Island)
    2021,10,13,15,30,00Loading...1691[CHAFAC]CHAFAC:(Tianjin Jinmen Tiger) VS (Beijing BSU)
    1Tianjin Sports
    2021,10,13,19,30,00Loading...1691[CHAFAC]CHAFAC:(Shandong Taishan) VS (Nantong Zhiyun)
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