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07-03-2023 Tue
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2023,03,07,01,30,00Loading...81[Italian Serie A]ITA D1:(US Sassuolo Calcio) VS (Cremonese)
1Macau Cable TV Channel 34
2HK NOW 638
2023,03,07,03,45,00Loading...81[Italian Serie A]ITA D1:(Torino) VS (Bologna)
1Macau Cable TV Channel 34
2HK NOW 638
2023,03,07,04,00,00Loading...41[English Premier League]ENG PR:(Brentford) VS (Fulham)
2HK NOW 621
2HK NOW 611
2023,03,07,04,00,00Loading...131[Spanish Primera Division]SPA D1:(Osasuna) VS (Celta Vigo)
2HK NOW 632
2023,03,07,04,15,00Loading...231[Portugal Primera Liga]POR D1:(Casa Pia AC) VS (Pacos Ferreira)
1Macau Cable TV Channel 35
2023,03,07,18,00,00Loading...991[AFC U19]AFC U20:(Qatar(U20)) VS (Australia(U20))
1Macau Cable TV Channel 34
2023,03,07,18,00,00Loading...991[AFC U19]AFC U20:(Viet Nam(U20)) VS (Iran(U20))
1Macau Cable TV Channel 35
2023,03,07,19,30,00Loading...865[WCBA]WCBA:(Inner Mongolia Nongxin Women‘s) VS (Sichuan Yuanda Women‘s)
2023,03,07,19,35,00Loading...75[CBA]CBA:(Beijing Ducks) VS (Shenzhen Aviators)
1Cable TV 601
1Cable TV 661
2023,03,07,22,00,00Loading...991[AFC U19]AFC U20:(Iraq(U20)) VS (Syria(U20))
1Macau Cable TV Channel 35
2023,03,07,22,00,00Loading...991[AFC U19]AFC U20:(Uzbekistan U20) VS (Indonesia(U20))
1Macau Cable TV Channel 34
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